onine meeting


  • How do I participate in the online meeting?

    The Online meeting will be conducted using the Microsoft Teams platform. We recommend that you download Microsoft Teams Client for meetings ahead of time: here.

    No paid software will be required to access the meeting content. You may have to sign up to certain services to access the sessions but these will be free at the point of use. To learn more, check out the video here in English: Join a Microsoft Teams meeting / In German: Teilnehmen an einer Teams-Besprechung.

  • What time zone are the streamed sessions shown?

    The sessions streamed live will follow the Central European Time (CET). To verify the time for your specific time zone, please refer to the Time Zone Converter website.

  • When will I receive the instructions for attending the online meeting?

    One week prior to the meeting, you will receive an email containing all of the instructions on how to access the online meeting.

  • What is included in my registration fee?

    In accordance with our existing 'One Ticket Two Events Policy', your registration fees include full access to the live 2-day online meeting. In addition, the registration grants full access to one specific in-person event at your choosing currently available from EXO Berlin - International Exhibition & meeting for Exoskeleton & Human Augmentation Systems, or NBT Berlin - International Forum on Neural Engineering & Brain Technologies.

  • Can I cancel and get a refund for my ticket, or transfer my ticket to someone else?

    Tickets are non-refundable. But you can transfer the tickets to someone else and there is no administrative fee to do so. You just need to e-mail info@robochair.de with the new registrant ' s name and email. The new registrant will receive an email to complete their registration.

  • Will I have a chance to ask questions?

    Yes, Q&A will be available after each presentation in the chat.

  • Can I communicate with other participants?

    Yes, throughout the sessions, there will be a live chat running simultaneously.

  • Will sessions be recorded?

    The sessions will not be recorded to respect privacy.

  • Can I record any of the sessions from the online meeting?

    No individual or entity may electronically record or broadcast any portion of the online meeting. Unauthorized recording (audio, video, still photography, etc.) of presentations during the sessions, workshops or discussions is strictly prohibited. In addition, the unauthorized copying, sharing or distribution of the online meeting material is also strictly prohibited.