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The TECH DAY Online Meeting discusses about the latest advances of brain-based communication interface (BCI) and novel methods that can provide communication and control functions to operate robotic assistive devices and more.

We invite contributions presenting innovations and applications in the field of real-time control with brain waves and other biosignals. The meeting will offer researchers, engineers, and practitioners a platform to share ideas and receive feedback about their impactful research findings on brainwave signals and then performing the control of exoskeletons, wheelchairs, robotic arms and prosthesis.

Suggested Topics

  • Insights into research and development on brain-controlled wheelchairs, exoskeletons, prosthesis, and wearable systems.
  • EEG-EMG signals based approach for control of assistive devices.
  • Neural network control techniques.
  • Demonstrations of applications.

Presenter Benefits

  • Up to 25 minutes speaking including Q&A.
  • Complimentary registration for Event.
  • Full access to all sessions and network with other attendees, speakers and sponsors.

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